Decades ago, gay media was limited to an assortment of local bar guides and short-lived independent publications.

In the 21st Century, the gay media market has exploded into a massive collection of magazines, videos and websites exploring virtually every aspect of queer life.

Here are some links to some of those sources we thought you might like to investigate.

Please contact us with any others you think we should include.


Click on the images below to view the Gay History 101 features in
Happening Digital Magazine.

You can find the full archive of this magazine at:

Direct links to each of the installments of
Gay History 101

Gay History 101 feature from Happening Digital Magazine. This installment is about the UpStairs Lounge Fire in New Orleans in 1973. #ilovegaybars #gayhistory #queer Find the full archive of magazines at #gaybarchives

The UpStairs Lounge Fire 1973

One article in a series for Happening Digital Magazine featuring the stories of gay bars from our past. The full archive of magazines is at #ilovegaybars #gayhistory #lgbthistory #queer

Dugan's Bistro  Chicago, IL

Widely recognized as the oldest gay bar on the planet, Zanzibar open its doors in 1885 and continued to serve the LGBTQ community until 2010. Third in a series of features for Happening Digital Magazine #gayhistory #GayHistory101 #ilovegaybars #queer

World's Oldest Gay Bar

The story of one of the most iconic gay bars in US history. This bar predates Studio 54 in NYC and made a huge mark on the gay scene in California. Second in a series of features for Happening Digital Magazine #gayhistory #GayHistory101 #ilovegaybars #queer

Studio One in West Hollywood

A brief look at the history of three bars named

The Copa: Florida & Fire Island

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